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 The Share Your Work Forum

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PostSubject: The Share Your Work Forum   Wed May 06, 2009 12:51 pm

Why is there no SYW forum, isn't this a writing forum??? I totaaally want my money back!!

As a new member, you will probably notice that we don't have a 'Share Your Work' (SYW) forum where you can post your work and get it critiqued by other members. Actually we do have a SYW forum, its just hidden to new members. Originally it was open to all registered users, but after some discussion we (the mods) decided to make it 'invite/application only'.

This is just a precaution etc.

Members can join up if they have/do the following

1. When a member has over 30 'points' (the point counter is located under your avatar - points are given on a] how many posts you have b] where you've post, e.g. posts in the novel section will earn you more than in the introduction section.

2. Shown a good attitude, i.e. aren't abusive/spammers etc.

3. PM a mod - let us know if you want to join up

Thanks for reading
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The Share Your Work Forum
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