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 The George Rose Thread

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PostSubject: The George Rose Thread   The George Rose Thread EmptySun Apr 12, 2009 3:24 am

Come here and discuss our non fiction author George's (gmrose91) book One Win Wonders

Heres a little more about George Rose . . .

George Rose

How he came up with the book:

Taken from George Rose's Website

I have two early baseball memories that stand out: The first baseball card I can remember owning was a 1978 Topps Rick Miller card. (I don’t have a clue how or where I got it, I was probably five at the time.) The second is my first ever baseball practice; I was age seven. A family moved into the house across the street from Arizona. They had a boy who was my age, so being that we lived on a ½-mile-long road with four houses (my parents owned two of them), and no other kids around, we naturally became friends. His dad had been a little league coach in Arizona, and got involved in little league here too. I don’t remember any talk of having me sign up, or if I had any interest in playing. I do know I didn’t have a clue how to play the game or anything about it. The first time I tried to hit a baseball, I stood on home plate. I missed badly with every swing. I played right field. Fourtunately, my teammates were a little better at the game than I was: we won the Little League Championship my first year.

Sometime after I had to be shown where to stand at the plate and before the cap was popped off the last red soda after the championship celebration, I fell in love with baseball. Soon I had all the baseball cards, knew all the players, and tried to play second base just like my hero, Sweet Lou Whitaker. Twenty-nine years later, I still have all of my baseball cards, know most of the players, and still can’t turn a flawless double play. That’s okay, though; baseball is a very forgiving game. I only play in the back yard now with our two children (who both knew before they were two where to stand at home plate), but I get to drag the whole family around to as many baseball games as possible. We will be attending a lot this season, and I hope you will come up and say hi! As anyone can tell you, everyday is a great day to talk baseball.

The George Rose Thread Owwpadded

One Win Wonders

One Win Wonders: Chronicles of 50 Major League Pitchers with one, and only one, career victory
One Win Wonders celebrates those pitchers who reached the Major Leagues and earned one, and only one, career victory. There have been approximately 650 members of this exclusive club in baseball since 1930. Some have appeared in as little as one inning, others played a year or more, but they all have one thing in common—one win. Rose explores 50 members of the one win wonder club, and takes you on a journey through eight decades of baseball history while doing so. You will meet aging veterans trying to hang on to their dreams and hot-shot rookies with their whole careers ahead of them. Each has a story to tell, from his struggles in the Minors, that (sometimes long-awaited) call-up to the big leagues, to that first Major League victory. Rose takes a look at their teams and the events surrounding their time in the Show, and focuses on the details of each player's one and only win.

Why The self publishing route

I went the self-publish route, and did everything 100% myself. After researching the traditional publishers, I decide early that I did not want to wait for months or years and hope to get published. I took matters into my own hands; researching, writing, publishing, design, title, marketing, everything. It is a lot of work, but I have total control over everything, plus I cut the publishing time from months to three weeks with my first book, and two weeks with my second.

Book Details

'One Win Wonders' is a self published by George Rose and was published in


Barnes and Noble:


Author Links

Website :
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PostSubject: Re: The George Rose Thread   The George Rose Thread EmptyTue May 12, 2009 5:59 pm

You did a great job designing the cover! I'll have to recommend this to the couple of baseball fans in my family. Smile
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The George Rose Thread
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